How can ThinkOut help me?

ThinkOut is a cash flow management platform for small business owners. By using ThinkOut, you'll have a clear overview of your business - past, present & future - that will help you to make informed business decisions.

The main data source is your bank statement, but you can also upload different types of files such as invoices, inflows&outflows predictions, sales reports, etc).

You can use ThinkOut to find out:

  • what is your company's total balance in both bank and cash accounts;

  • what your daily cash movements look like;

  • what are your main categories of monthly inflows and outflows;

  • what cash-ins and cash-outs to expect in the next period;

  • if you have enough money to pay all the bills due in the current month;

  • whether your projects, services, or products are profitable or not;

  • what your company's estimated monthly budget looks like and what percent of your business goals are met.

Take ThinkOut for a spin and carefully plan your business growth.

Bank connection when using ThinkOut

To connect your bank account to ThinkOut you need the same access data that you use to log in to internet banking platforms (user name, password, SMS, token code, etc.).

Currently, we integrate the banking platforms through SaltEdge, the largest financial aggregator in Europe.

How do you ensure my private credentials when using the bank connection?

ThinkOut does not store and does not have access to the credentials you're using when connecting to the internet banking platform. The banking connection is usually happening directly on your bank's server and ThinkOut has read-only access to your data so that we can interpret it and then offer real-time financial analysis.

We currently use SaltEdge for the data aggregation, a service whose purpose is to create a bridge between banking services and startups in the financial area, as we are. SaltEdge works with over 5000 financial institutions from over 50 countries and has certifications attesting to data security, including ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Certificates. You can read more here:

Do I need a bank connection to use ThinkOut?

You can also use ThinkOut without a bank connection. You can manually import bank statements or other files with your financial information (list of invoices, sales reports, etc.). Imported files must be in .csv or .xslx format.

Learn more about the file import process here.

How much does ThinkOut cost?

The cost of the ThinkOut subscription is 15 EUR/month or 144 EUR/year excluding VAT.

See more details about the ThinkOut subscription plans.

What services are included in the ThinkOut Basic subscription?

The ThinkOut Basic plan allows access to the platform for a single user with a single company, with unlimited transactions, forecasts, budgets, and bank accounts.

The Plus plan, which involves an unlimited number of users, with different access rights, multiple companies, and other benefits will be launched soon.

Both types of subscriptions include support from the team in using the platform.

Can I also add cash transactions to ThinkOut?

Yes, you can add cash transactions in ThinkOut. To do this you need a cash account, which you easily create from the Accounts section.

Learn more about cash accounts and cash transactions.

How do I update the bank connection?

Updating your bank connection involves importing the latest transactions from your accounts into ThinkOut. This is done automatically every morning for a couple of banks, via their open banking platforms.

Refreshing your bank connection is a simple process that takes just a few clicks. Read more about it.

The Open Banking regulations, which allow third-party financial service providers access to consumer data from banking and non-banking institutions, will help us implement the automatic updating of daily transactions for more banks. We will keep you in touch with news related to this process.

Can I add collaborators to my ThinkOut account?

If you would like to invite your colleagues to your ThinkOut account, please email us at and we will help you asap.

I have several companies. Can I keep track of each of them in ThinkOut?

If you want to monitor the cash flow of several companies, please write to us at and we will help you.

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