Manage multiple companies in ThinkOut

Check how to manage your cash flow for more than 1 company.

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If you manage multiple companies, you can monitor your cash flow separately and check financial results for the entire group.

How to add a new company in ThinkOut?

  1. Click the company name from the top of the page.

  2. Click Add Company.

Next you'll have to:

  • Add a name

  • Select the country

  • Pick a category structure that best fits your needs

  • Invite your team

  • Done! :)

The category structure

Based on the specific needs you have for the newly created company, you may choose one of the next 3 options for your category structure:

  • basic - it contains only 3 inflow categories (Sales, Transfers (In) and Uncategorized Inflows) and 3 outflow categories (Expenses, Transfers (Out) and Uncategorized Outflows)

  • default - the standard category structure for any ThinkOut account which is more detailed than the first one. Don't forget that you can customize the structure however you want afterwards

  • from an existing company - you can copy the category structure which you already defined for a previous company

Users invited

The roles offered to your team members when creating a new company can be then changed at any time.

Financial indicators on a group level

Check your Dashboard and click on Group of Companies in order to visualise a series of financial indicators per entire group.

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