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Import external files to ThinkOut
Import external files to ThinkOut

Take the following steps to upload financial documents to your account

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In order to have a complete overview of your business financials, you are able to import external .csv, .xls or .xsls documents into your ThinkOut account.

How to do this?

1. First, prepare your file. Our recommendation is to have your data organised on separate columns. Make sure you have at least a column for transaction date, transaction amount and description.

The amount for inflows and outflows can be separated (as the example above) or on the same column.

2. Go to File Imports and click on the red button IMPORT.

3. Select the type of data you are about to import: are there settled transactions or forecasts?

4. Select the file you want to import.

5. Double check and select the Header row and the boundaries of your file (start and end row). The Header row is the one containing your columns description.

6. Match the columns from your file with the platform requests. ThinkOut needs at least 3 separate columns (date, amount and description). Make sure you select whether your inflows and outflows are separate or not. The already matched columns have a different color.

7. Double check your imported information and select a currency, category, or label. If you have already added a separate column for categories in your file, skip this step. However, make sure the category name from your file and from ThinkOut are the same.

If there are transactions that you already imported in ThinkOut, we will notify you.

Done! You imported your file. Now you can make edits to your data (change categories, dates, description or even the amount).

All manually imported transactions are assigned to a Cash account.

Now check how your Cash Flow is influenced by the last import and what metrics you can get from the ThinkOut Dashboard.

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