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How to create and work with cash accounts?

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In case you also work with cash transactions besides your bank transfers, we encourage you to add it in ThinkOut for the sake of a correct financial reporting.

What you'll need to do is to firstly create a cash account. Go to Accounts and click on Create cash account. Fill in the necessary details in the form and click on Add account.

The opening balance should be equal with the amount of physical cash you have on the opening date. For example, if you create your cash account today and you have 100 USD in your cash register, then this should also be your opening balance.

After you created your cash account, go to Transactions. Add your cash transactions by clicking on Add transaction. Fill in the necessary details in the form and hit Add.

Voila! Now your financial reporting is more accurate.

If you choose to import external files in ThinkOut, those transactions will also be added to a cash account.

Add your cash withdrawals in your cash account in order to have an accurate financial reporting. If you withdraw cash from your bank account ThinkOut will identify this as an outflow, but you don't actually spend the money because it's in the cash register. Add your withdrawal as an inflow in your cash account and match the transfers between your own accounts. This way your financial picture reflects your business reality.

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