Overdue predictions

Check and manage all your overdue predictions from one place.

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In Overdue predictions you'll find a list with all the predictions that have a past due date so it will be easier for you to manage what happened and what is still pending, financially speaking.

You have an overdue prediction. What options you have to get rid of it:

1. Link your prediction to a settled transaction (from the bank or cash)

Once a prediction happened, choose to link it with a bank or cash transaction. This will change your prediction's status to Realised and it will be excluded from the overdue predictions list.

ThinkOut automatically offers you some suggestions to link predictions which you can confirm or dismiss with just one click. Read more about it in this article.

2. Link predictions to partial collections or payments

If you collect or pay in batches, link your predictions with partial payments. Once you do this, ThinkOut will use only the remained amount to calculate the next predicted cash flow fluctuations.

3. Mark your prediction as realised

If you are sure that the prediction became reality, but you don't want to link it, mark it as realised. This will change the status of your prediction to Realised and will exclude it from your overdue predictions list. This action will not replace the prediction with a settled transaction.

4. Edit or delete predictions

If you made any mistake while adding your predictions or you plan to make it happen next week, choose to edit it. Also, if you no longer need a prediction, you may choose to delete it.

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