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Read how to add and manage cash flow forecasts in ThinkOut

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Start planning your cash flow by adding predictions in ThinkOut. Each prediction from ThinkOut will have a status which can be:

  • realised - for predictions that happened;

  • planned - for predictions that are not due yet;

  • overdue - for predictions which have a past due date;

  • partial - for predictions which were partially realised (you added an inflow forecast of 1000 EUR, but collected only 500 EUR);

  • unplanned - for predictions that do not have an estimated date of realisation (e.g. debts that you are not ready yet to pay, but need to keep an eye on).

What to do here

Add your predictions

In order to add your first prediction, go to Predictions -> All, click on Add prediction and fill in the details required in the form.

You don't have to add each prediction separately. ThinkOut helps you plan your financials easier so you can:

Filter your predictions

Use the available filters to collect the information you need faster. Change the period, filter your predictions based on their status (planned, overdue, partial), label, currency, cash flow activity or category.

Mark your predictions as realised

If you're sure that the prediction happened, mark it as realised. This will change the status of your prediction, but will not switch the prediction to a settled transaction.

Link your prediction to a settled transaction

If your prediction already has an equivalent in your bank account (or your cash account), easily link it following the steps below. ThinkOut automatically identifies possible matches between forecasts and settled transactions that you can confirm or decline with just one click. Read more about it in this article.

Link your prediction to a partial payment

If you collect or pay in batches, link your predictions with partial payments. From that point on your forecasts will be calculated based on the remaining amount only.

Edit and delete predictions

Edit your predictions if errors have slipped and delete it when it is no longer needed for your financial analysis.

What else can you do with your forecasts?

  • Assign and change categories.

  • Assign and change labels. This will help you to visualise your forecasts per each separate project or point of sale. Read more about labels.

  • Export a list of your selected predictions.

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