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Learn how you can organise and manage your settled transactions.

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After you import data in ThinkOut you'll be able to find all transaction in the Transactions section -> All.

What are you able to do here?

  • Match transfers from and to your own accounts. Read more about this in our separate article about transfers.

  • Assign labels to your transactions. This will help you to visualise the cash flow for separate projects or points of sale. You can assign labels to multiple transactions at once. Read how to work with labels in ThinkOut.

  • Filter your transactions based on date, type, account, label, cash flow activity or category.

  • Use the search bar to find a specific transaction. Type in the transaction description.

  • Edit cash transactions only! The details about your bank account transactions cannot be edited, you are only able to change the category.

  • Delete cash transactions by clicking on the trash can. You can delete multiple transactions at once.

  • Download a list of your selected transactions.

  • Generate recurring predictions by using the details from an existing transaction.

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