Predictions management

See what you can do with your forecasts.

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Go to the Predictions section in order to have an overview of all your forecasts added in ThinkOut. You can filter them based on period, label, status, currency, category or type so you gather all the information required.

To make it easier for you to manage your transactions we divided the section into four subsections: All, Overdue, Recurrent and Unplanned.

All predictions - this is the list with all your predictions, no matter the classification.

Overdue predictions - check what predictions are past due date (and for how long) and take action.

Recurrent predictions - save and manage all your recurrent predictions in one place (e.g. rent, salaries).

Unplanned predictions - keep track of the predictions for which you do not have an estimated date (e.g. an invoice for a client you haven't heard about in a long time).

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