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How to link predictions to settled transactions
How to link predictions to settled transactions

Learn how to easily convert your predictions into reality.

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When your predictions pass the due date, ThinkOut changes their status from Planned to Overdue and you will find them in Predictions -> Overdue. Once your prediction is overdue, you need to take action so ThinkOut won't remind you about it. An option is to link it with a settled transaction from your bank or cash account.

How to easily link a prediction to a settled transaction?

Firstly check the Suggestions to link predictions list provided by ThinkOut. The platform identifies potential links between forecasts and settled transactions that you can confirm or dismiss with just one click.

Click on โœ”๏ธ if the suggestion is correct or โœ–๏ธ if otherwise. If you want to see more suggestions click on All options and change the filters (date, amount and account) to find a more suitable match.

If you cannot find what you need in the Suggestions to link predictions list, find the prediction you want to link, click on Link prediction and select the settled transaction from the list.

Here you can also change the filters to find more suitable links. If the transaction you are looking for is not yet in ThinkOut, you can easily add it by clicking on Add new transaction.

If you wrongly linked your prediction, undo it by clicking on Unlink prediction.

Once assigned to a settled transaction, ThinkOut won't bother you anymore about its due date.

Partial transactions

If you collect or pay in batches, link your predictions to partial payments. From that point on your cash flow prognosis will be calculated based on the remaining amount only. Click on Link partial inflow/outflow and find your transaction in the list.

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