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Manage your Cash Flow

See how to use the Cash Flow section from ThinkOut.

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The cash flow plan contains all the imported transactions (via bank connection or manual import).

Your cash flow plan is based on the three cash flow activities: operating, investing, and financing.

What can I do in the Cash Flow section?

There are several ways you can interact with the cash flow.

  • You can view your transactions converted to a specific currency. Now you can use RON, EUR, GBP, and USD. If, for example, you import a JPY account to ThinkOut, then you will also have this currency available for conversion.

  • You can view your transactions distributed over different time intervals (day, week, 2 weeks, month).

  • You can filter your transactions based on the account or the label. This will help you see, for example, if a particular point of sale or project is profitable or not.

  • Choose how much you want to see in the future

You can choose to see your forecasts for the next 3, 6 months or a year. Also, you have the option to exclude forecasts from your cash flow. Keep in mind that it's important to previously add cash flow forecasts in order to see them here.

  • You can view all inflows and outflows associated with a category or subcategory for each month. Click on any of the cells in the table and see the transaction list.

  • You can download your cash flow plan as an Excel document to send to your partners. Note that the downloaded document will take into account the filters applied at the moment of the download.

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