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Change the category of your transactions

Check how to categorise your imported transactions.

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ThinkOut automatically distributes imported transactions on a predefined structure of inflows and outflows, which you can easily edit. Each category is associated with a cash flow activity (operating, investing, financing) so it will be easier for you to understand your company and its performance.

After every import, check if your transactions are correctly categorised and change the category where needed.

How to change the category of a single transaction

Go to Transactions and find the transaction you are looking for. Click on the category dropdown and select the new category from the list below. Done!

How to change the category of multiple transactions

Go to Transactions and select the transactions you need. Click on the category dropdown above the list and select the new category.

If you import transactions via File import, add a Category column in your document. ThinkOut will identify it and will distribute your transactions as instructed. Keep in mind that you must use the same category name in the imported file and your ThinkOut account.

ThinkOut is constantly learning from the users' input in order to provide more automated services. Therefore, after you first change the categories of your transactions, the platform will remember and use the same rules at the second import (if transactions are similar).

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