Connecting my bank account

Check out how to connect your bank.

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After going through all the onboarding steps click on Go to accounts from Dashboard. This will take you to the Accounts section where you'll be able to connect your bank account(s).

Click on Add account, choose your bank from the list and use your internet banking credentials to safely import your last transactions.

ThinkOut does not have acces to and does not save any of your credentials used to connect your bank accounts. Usually the login is done on the bank's server and ThinkOut has view-only access to your transactional data. The Open Banking platforms are a legal obligation for all European banks starting 2019, when PSD2 (The European Payment Service Directive) was implemented, and offer account information access to third party platforms such as ThinkOut.

When you connect your bank accounts to ThinkOut, the platform imports the transactions from the last months and fills it in the corresponding income and expense categories of the cash plan.

This way it becomes fast and easy to monitor your daily cash-ins and cash-outs.

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