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Understanding Budgets
What else can you do in the Budgets section?
What else can you do in the Budgets section?

Learn how to use the settings from Budgets.

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In Budgets you can easily create a budget for your company and keep track of what you estimated and what actually happened in your bank accounts.

How to use the settings from this section?

Add estimates for the next months

Click on the table cells and add budget estimates for each month. You can choose to set the same estimate for the entire period or just one-time. Estimates can also be added when clicking the red button Add budget.

Pick the necessary inflow and outflow categories

By default, the category structure displayed in Budgets is the same that you use for the Cash flow. You have the possibility to pick only a couple of categories that you make budgets for. We decided to implement this feature because a lot of managers create budgets on macro categories, but need to monitor their cash flow as detailed as possible.

Select the period for which you want to create the budget

The maximum budgeted period is 2 years.

Select the currency in which you want to view the budget

You can view your budget in EUR, USD, GBP or any other currency you use in ThinkOut.

Include or exclude cash flow forecasts from the calculation

Use the Include Predictions button to add or hide your cash flow forecasts. Read more about the difference between budget estimates and cash flow forecasts.

Delete all added estimates

If you need to delete all estimates, use the Clear budgets button. This will restore the budget to its original values.

Export your budget to Excel

You can download the full budget in Excel if you use the Export button. Note that this button takes into account the filters you previously select.

Reset the original filters

The Reset button changes the budget filters to the initial ones, used by ThinkOut by default.

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