In Budgets you can easily create a budget for your company and keep track of it by using the actual cash movements, updated daily.

How to use the settings from this section?

Select the number of past months you want to display

You can choose to include in your budget information from your financial history imported in ThinkOut. Select the desired period from the Months behind button. This can help you to have a starting point for the next estimations (e.g. average sales in the last 3 months).

Select the period for which you want to create the budget

Make your budget for 3 months, 6 months or a year. Choose the right period for you from the Plan ahead button.

Select the currency in which you want to view the budget

You can view your budget in RON, EUR, USD, GBP, or any other currency you use in ThinkOut.

Include or exclude cash flow forecasts from the calculation

Use the Include Predictions button to add or hide your cash flow forecasts. Read more about the difference between budget estimates and cash flow forecasts.

Isolate internal transfers

Use the Isolate transfers button to exclude transfers from your own accounts. Once this button is activated, a separate row will be displayed, where you can only see the transfers from and to your own accounts.

Read more about the transfers from and to your company's own accounts.

Delete all added estimates

If you need to delete all manually added estimates, use the Clear forecasts button. This will restore the budget to its original values, calculated automatically by ThinkOut.

Delete a single estimate for a specific month and category

If you need to delete the estimate of a category only for a certain month, click on the cell and fill in 0 (zero) next to the Amount field in the table. You can choose to use the new estimate for the entire planning period or just for that month.

Export your budget to Excel

You can download the full budget in Excel if you use the Export button. Note that this button takes into account the filters you previously select.

Reset the original filters

The Reset button changes the budget filters and resets to the original ones, set automatically by ThinkOut.

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