ThinkOut is the online platform that supports managers to better understand their businesses through cash flow analysis and forecast effortlessly, by automatically aggregating bank account data.

You can think of it as a translator of your business finances. In other words, this platform puts together the information about your company’s cash-ins and outs and draws the general picture of how the business is performing.

We leverage the new Open Banking standards to automatically import cash flow information from bank account statements and to synthesize it into relevant charts and indicators about a company’s health from the Revenue & Expenses point of view.

In addition to this, based on the bank transaction history, ThinkOut automatically builds a global cash flow forecast for the next months, while the user can add and edit the forecasts for each income or expense category.

You just have to: 

  • Update the transactions, making sure you have the latest data in the platform;

  • Follow how much cash is available and how the income, expenses, and profit have evolved;

  • Analyze all this data to make everyday business decisions;

  • Plan the growth of your business according to your goals and objectives. 

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